SPOTLIGHT: Megan Hersch, Founder of ROOM LIFT

When I stumble upon a good thing- a REALLY good thing, I think it's important to share. So when I met Megan Hersch, founder of Room Lift, a few years ago, I knew that I had met someone who was going to shakes things up. In between taking care of our children and running our companies, Megan and I were able to catch up. I had a few questions for her:
Imagine you've got 2 minutes to convince the editor of Architectural Digest to feature Room Lift. What's your elevator pitch? roomLift is a digital first Interior Design company - we are changing the name of the Interior Design game, one room at a time. For a low, per room price, roomLift provides customers with 2-3 options for all the pieces that will furnish their space, at the budget and style they specify, within 2-3 weeks. What’s different about our service are the printed cards we send for each item so you can mix and match and take all the choices off the computer screen and into your home. From there, customers order their own furnishings, no mark-ups, taking advantage of all the sales and often with some added proprietary discounts we continue to secure for our customers.  
Who is your ideal Room Lift client? She’s the family CEO, a do-er, someone who is used to making decisions, knows what she likes and just needs help narrowing the universe of options to her style, budget and space. 
How has business changed in the face of COVID-19? New hurdles? Surprises? I am so lucky and grateful that my business has taken off during the stay at home orders that resulted from the COVID pandemic. People are home, looking at their spaces, wanting to refresh and make improvements, large and small. We’re scaling up quickly and the economy of scale is working to everyone’s advantage!
Your 3 biggest design influences? I’ve had the privilege of working for Kelly Wearstler and Michael ad Alexandra Misczynski at Atelier AM -  they really shaped my eye for design. Darryl Carter is also one of my all time favorite designers! His clean style and mix of old and new is always gorgeous. 
Your favorite design project? I just sent off a whole-house roomLift for a client in Montana who’s Modern home in Los Angeles we roomLifted a few years ago. I’m so excited for the Modern Farmhouse in the mountains that she’s creating there and super envious of her chickens! I can’t wait to see this one come together. 
Have you ever been star struck? No. Before starting my design business I worked in the Entertainment Industry for way too long.
What do you do to get through the tough times? I have done a lot work manifesting my reality. It works! Write down on a piece of paper “I am successful. I am prosperous.” Present tense. Believe in it. And practice a little bit of delayed gratification until it manifests. 
What are you most proud of? My kids. Throughout starting and working 2 design companies, they remain my priority. They are bright and interested and caring. I can’t ask for anything more. 
One piece of furniture you can't live without? A large comfortable arm chair. I have one in my Kitchen and one in my Office. Sometimes I need to just sit down and re-focus. 
Your least favorite color? I know this is not the right answer but I really like them all for their own value. 
Where do you see yourself in 5 years? In 5 years roomLift will be a well-known, easily accessed Design Solution. A platform to Spotlight Local Makers that will feature Guest Designers often so customers can have access to their favorite designers in an attainable way. We will be helping people across the country love where they live!
Read more about Room Lift here. Congratulations, Megan! We love what you're doing.
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