YOU ARE WHAT YOU SMELL: make it work to your advantage

I don't know how you're feeling these days, but I am definitely feeling more tired, more lethargic, more anxious and more uncertain. I am feeling a whole lot more of the feelings I don't want to feel and way less of the feelings I do want to feel. 

Did you know that scents can greatly impact your mood and even have an effect on your work performance? Scientific research has proven that your sense of smell is the strongest sense you have. In fact, you can actually influence your brain activity through scent. 

Okay, all of this is great, but how do you actually make this work to your advantage? Lucky for you, I've got a list of common natural scents and corresponding candles to help you go from stress to success with just the light of a match. 

  • LEMON: calming & clarifying
  • JASMINE: uplifting & energizing
  • PINE: decreases anxiety & lowers depression
  • VANILLA: promotes joy & relaxation
  • SANDALWOOD: aphrodisiac
  • ROSE: fights depression & boosts libido

Using essential oils throughout the day in a diffuser or on your pulse points in conjunction with burning non toxic candles with some light meditation, soothing nature sounds and a dash of yoga can really help get you out of your slump. 

Remember that different types of scents elicit different types of responses and some may be more beneficial at certain times of the day. For example, you might want to start your day off with a bit of jasmine for a little jumpstart and then end the day on a relaxing vanilla note. Make your favorite perfumes, scented candles and even foods work for you. 

Happy smelling!

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