is all about loving the things that you live with and living with the things that you love.

we know what we like.  we also know that what we like isn’t always good for us. like french fries dipped in mayonnaise, living beyond our means, and spending countless hours on instagram fantasizing about other people’s lives.

so, if you care, read on:

  1. are your products all natural? the short answer: no. the long answer: we are actively working with a natural scent guru to create dynamic, powerful 100% all natural fragrances to introduce to our customers very soon. that said, our current fragrances are beautiful blends of the highest quality synthetic fragrances and natural essential oils. our wax is a non-toxic soy wax blend. we use lead-free cotton wicks.
  2. trimming, tunneling, and burning- OH MY! keep our lead free cotton wicks trimmed and you will be one happy customer.  forget the soot, the mushroom tips and the smoking.  cut that wick to ¼ of an inch and it’s all good.  wax has a memory.  It is recommended during the initial and subsequent burns of your candle to burn long enough to liquefy the entire top layer of wax. allowing the candle to liquefy from edge-to-edge will keep the opening wide and prevent tunneling.
  3. pesticide, pthalate, musk, paraffin and paraben free. any questions?
  4. cruelty free. no animal testing.  see #3
  5. ugh. so much waste in vessels and boxes.  why???  once you have burned the candle down to nothing, we recommend throwing in some pebbles, a dash of dirt and your favorite succulent.  REUSE!!  our boxes are a beautiful and creative way to keep your candles safe in transit.  RECYCLE them if you must, or REUSE them for gifting or storage.
  6. there are so many candles in the world, why should I take a chance on you? our thoughts exactly.  why us?  we care.  about the planet, about our children, about our customers.  we also care a lot about design.  we know you will love our products.  we are not gambling people, but we are willing to bet that if given the chance, we will become your new favorite product.

safety before beauty.

  1. Do not drop matches or other flammable items into the candle.
  2. Keep candles away from curtains or anything around the candle that could ignite. Keep in mind that curtains and other objects can move and come into contact with a burning flame. Do not burn candles in a draft.
  3. Always keep candles in sight when in use and keep away from children and pets.
  4. Never move a burning candle.
  5. Allow the candle to cool and wax to solidify before moving.
  6. The candle, container and/or wax can become extremely hot when in use.
  7. Use a candle plate to protect surfaces. Never put a candle directly on a surface that is flammable or could be damaged by heat or oil.
  8. If candle wick develops a mushroom carbon tip, extinguish the candle, allow to completely cool and remove the tip by pinching between fingers using a tissue. This will ensure your candle burns evenly and prevent excess wick debris from falling into the candle.

For more Candle Safety Rules please visit the NCA's Candle Safety Page www.candles.org/fire-safety-candles

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